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"The class, report, and presentation were all exceptional. I have very few, if any, constructive critisms to provide. The students were well prepared, extremely professional, and very intellectually curious. It made for an outstanding final presentation and report."

Zachary Sadow
Equity Research Analyst

Bloomberg New Energy Finance

"We envisioned a pretty ambitious project from the outset and our team was able to fulfill all of our requirements within the structure we established. We maintained frequent communication with the team and made sure to clarify whenever there were questions or roadblocks. The final product was an outstanding display of their grasp on the material."

Het Shah
Head of Natural Gas

Booz Allen Hamilton

“I think the students were all great: a wide variety of backgrounds but tremendous dedication across the board, which showed in the final presentation and client deliverable. A very impressive team - hopefully we can hire a few for Booz Allen one of these days!”

Jason A. Kemp
Senior Associate
Strategy and Organization
Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Citi, Institutional Clients Group

“I would like to personally thank each and every one of the Citi Capstone participants, the expert guidance of Professor Janow, and the direction from Ayumi Ozeki for a terrific presentation on Basel III last Friday. It was highly professional, very well thought-out, thought-provoking and very interesting. The team collectively did a terrific job, and we are very pleased with the academic and professional quality of your thinking and presentation. Many thanks.”

Cheryl Rathbun
Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer
Citi, ICG Risk Management

citizens union

"The Capstone team provided us with just the kind of research product we needed, without needing too much guidance from us. They seemed to understand pretty quickly the kind of information we want and the way we want it presented and were thoughtful in their planning and industrious in their work. The Covid-19 crisis presented challenges to the team and us, and they were able to work around those in an impressive manner. We were very pleased by this collaboration."

Ben Weinberg
Policy and Program Manager
Citizens Union

Congressional Research Services

“The opportunity to participate in a Capstone workshop played a key role in helping me choose Columbia SIPA over other graduate programs I was accepted to. Through my Capstone workshop I developed practical skills and "real-world" experience in conducting research, presenting information and client management. Ultimately, my Capstone experience provided me with the opportunity to not only investigate a timely and complicated policy issue but also to develop and enhance the skills employers of policy school graduates are looking for.”

Jose E. Guardado
U.S. Congressional Research Services Capstone Team Participant
SIPA Master of Public Administration Degree Candidate, 2012

Crédit Agricole

"The members of the SIPA Capstone team proved to be quick studies in this complex, technical and controversial activity of the energy industry. Having developed a strong grasp of the issues, the team translated their research into a cogent work product that addressed very professionally all the areas we had identified at inception of the project. My colleagues at the Bank were thoroughly pleased with the entire experience and are eager to sponsor a new project."

Dennis E. Petito
Managing Director
Head of North American Energy Coverage
Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank

Global Financial Integrity

"Very good report that can be used by our organization and by other advocacy groups. I am proud of what the Columbia Graduate students were able to deliver."

Krishen Mehta
Advisory Board Co-Chair
Global Financial Integrity

Grace Institute

“We were so happy with Tanya Domi and the SIPA students. They were so great to work with, and they did a terrific job. The report is wonderful; it generated many new ideas for us. We are very grateful for the opportunity that was afforded us. It was a great experience for the whole staff and has everyone really thinking. Having outsiders look at your program in a fresh, new, unbiased way helps to keep us up on our game.”

Mary B. Mulvihill
Executive Director
Grace Institute

Human Rights Watch

“SIPA’s Capstone workshop was a challenging yet rewarding experience. It was an excellent practical experience, where I was able to apply the skills that I learned in the classroom to a real-world issue. As the team leader of my team’s Capstone project, my main duty was to be the central communicator between our client, our faculty advisor and the team. Through this role, I formed a good relationship with our client contact, Antonio Ginatta, the Advocacy Director for the U.S. Program at Human Rights Watch. I am now doing a policy field practicum at Human Rights Watch and working on human rights issues related to long-term resident unauthorized immigrant youth. I love the work that I am doing and am happy to be contributing to Human Rights Watch after the Capstone workshop.”

Paola Medina
Human Rights Watch Capstone Team Participant
Master of Public Administration and Master of Science in Social Work Degree Candidate, 2012

Institute for Defense Analyses

"We greatly enjoyed working with SIPA and the students on this project. The product is relevant and timely to our work and will get used by several research teams."

Mark Tillman
Research Staff Member
Institute for Defense Analyses

Inter-American Development Bank

"On behalf of the Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Division of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), I would like to congratulate you and the SIPA Capstone team for the Capstone Project on “Improving Access to Finance for the Dairy Value Chain in Nicaragua”. On Wednesday, May 11st, the Team made a remarkable presentation of its work and results at our Headquarters in Washington D.C. We hope that this project was an opportunity for the team to learn more about financial systems in Latin American countries and IDB’s work to help improve their performance, as it was for us to learn about SIPA and work along its outstanding academic team. We trust there will be new opportunities to collaborate in the near future and foster the partnership between SIPA and IDB."

Juan Antonio Ketterer, Division Chief
Capital Markets and Financial Institutions
Inter-American Development Bank

International Labour Organization (ILO)

“[…] Thank you again for an excellent presentation full of great ideas and information. You have certainly gone above and beyond my expectations on this project. Our Director was very pleased with the quality of your creative ideas as well as the depth of the information you presented. As she is a former Minister, I take this as a top grade, at least as far as the ILO is concerned. You have given me quite a lot to work with as we move from this point forward to operationalising your insightful work. Bravo. […] Thanks for helping us work towards this goal and being part of our extended family. Now go change the world for the better. Best wishes and bon courage.”

Kevin Cassidy
Communications and External Relations
International Labour Organization, Office for the United Nations

Los Angeles Mayor's Operations Innovation Team

"We were extremely pleased. The students were pleasant to work with and really owned the project. The delivered report provided valuable information that we can use to inform policy decisions and recommendations in the City of Los Angeles. I'm grateful for the students' work and hope to continue to work together."

Mark A. Thomas, Director
Mayor’s Operations Innovation Team 


"The report is groundbreaking. They produced high quality work. The process whole process, starting with the TOR, project kick-off, bi-weekly calls, the mid-term workshop and final report reviews and presentation allowed the team to find and sustain inspiration during the whole semester."

Hernan Garza
Financial Inclusion Leader

New York City Economic Development Corporation

"The team did an outstanding job of organizing work and resources from the onset of our collaboration; they demonstrated great focus in thoroughly teasing out the scope of work and fundamental objectives from our proposal which contributed greatly to their ability to ultimately deliver a quality product. The final deliverable as well as the presentation of findings therein represented depth, creativity, strategic vision and a tremendous value add to our original proposition for collaboration."

Alysa Hannon
Senior Project Manager
New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)

New York City Economic Development Corporation

"Overall, the project was well organized. We have been very impressed by the depth of the students' analysis. The oral presentations were excellent: clear, evidence-driven, the right level of details."

Erica Chan
Strategic Planning Department
New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)

New York City Mayor's Office, The Center for innovation Through Data Intelligence (CIDI)

"The team was flexible in adapting to the evolving nature of the project. They were independent and proactive in revising approaches as needed. The quality of their product was excellent and relevant."

Eileen Johns
Director of Policy & Research
New York City Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence

New york city office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor

"The project organization was superb and the report was polished, professional and creative, and reflected a deep understanding of the target audience and the underlying causes of the opioid epidemic. We were particularly impressed as how seamlessly the team was able to adapt to the extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus lockdown. The project goals determined at the outset of the project had to be modified by necessity.

The students are sophisticated, creative and highly professional. They demonstrated enthusiasm for the work, excellent communication and organizational skills, and their collaboration appeared to be fluid and organic. They were responsive to feedback from clients and gained a deep understanding of an extremely complex and nuanced topic in a short amount of time. We were all extremely impressed with how they were able to reframe their goals and produce an impressive product under unprecedented conditions."

Kati Cornell
Director of Public Information
The Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor

Open Society Foundations

"Team did a great job pulling together a lot of information on a challenging subject. The quality of the report speaks to the excellent research and writing skills of individual members and ability of the team to work efficiently together."

Cornelius Graubner
Program Officer
Central Eurasia Project
Open Society Foundations

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

"The team members seemed impressively motivated and self-organized. They were so engaged with the issue area with such thoughtful questions that it was a pleasure to link them with other experts in the field. And they rolled with the inevitable difficulties of arranging a field mission."

Vanessa Brocato, JD
Senior Advisor Global Advocacy
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)

RAND Corporation

"The Defense Security Co-operation Agency (DSCA) has read the study from cover-to-cover and finds it very useful. This is not to be taken lightly. We can develop strategy, declare intent, etc. but at the end of the day, someone has to implement the policy. Someone has to decide what countries to engage with and what programs to sponsor -- and then send capable teams out to do the work. This is what DSCA does. […] That said, the team's work is having a direct impact on U.S. efforts in this field. I'd call this quite a success story […] Well done once again to you and to the team."

Dr. Stuart Johnson
Senior Research Analyst
RAND Corporation

Solar One

"The team members did an incredible job working on this project. They were extremely professional, they did well interviewing schools staff and interviewing Department of Education staff as well. The team was patient and was able to work around our schedules. They were flexible, and the evaluations & research the conducted were incredibly well done."

Christopher Collins
Executive Director
Solar One

United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

"Professor Levin and Professor Rothschild did a great job with helping the team scope a project that would be relevant.  This has been our fifth year working with SIPA leadership and it has always been spectacular.  They assisted the team to overcome the constraints of not being able to visit Timor-Leste while giving the students enough space to overcome adversity and maintain ownership of the program.  The final report clearly demonstrates how their leadership guided the students to deliver clear, concise, and well-thought out research with a new perspective.  Their initiative, dependability, and meticulous attention to detail, prodigiously contributed to achieving CFE-DM’s mission."

Alberto "Mo" Morales, Jr., Ed.D
Chief, Applied Research and Information Sharing Branch
United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, USPACOM

United States Department of Defense, Health Affairs

“Exceptionally bright and impressive students (as always). They were interested and engaged; the report was well-written and went into depth on several key issues.”        

Rachel C. Foster, FACHE
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Budgets and Financial Policy
United States Department of Defense, Health Affairs

United States Department of State

“The group did an impressive job of presenting, explaining and defending (!) a complex and well-considered approach on Kirkuk, and I appreciated the chance to hear and discuss it. Your students deserve immense credit for such a well-researched and carefully formulated proposal. In addition to their vital background work on the issue itself, the students should now be able to appreciate more clearly that the policy making process involves squaring circles and cutting Gordian knots in Washington, on top of the Herculean task of coming to grips with the issue itself.”

Alan Misenheimer
Senior Advisor to Ambassador Christopher Hill for Northern Iraq
United States State Department

United States Treasury Department

“Thank you to the Capstone team for the report and the excellent presentation delivered during your visit to Treasury last week. In my personal opinion the hard work devoted to your research, and the creativity the students showed in approaching the topic, resulted in an enlightening study that shed light on important issues in a market that does not lend itself to easily obtainable data. I think I also speak for my colleagues in saying it was a pleasure interacting with such a professional group -- you surely have bright futures ahead of you, and we wish you all the best in your respective endeavors post-SIPA.”

Albert Lee
United States Department of the Treasury, Markets Room

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

“The workshop was organized very well. We are also very pleased with the quality of the final report delivered, both from the substantive side, as well as in regard to its attention to detail in terms of style and layout. The report shows that the students have very well understood a very complicated issue of knowledge management in a very complex organization such as UNDP. And they have done it in a very short time. I’m particularly impressed with the students’ analytical skills evident in the findings and recommendations. These will be quite important for us in the near future as we are moving to a new knowledge management environment that makes use of social networking in addition to existing tools.”

Renata Nowak-Garmer
Research Analyst
Poverty Reduction Network, Bureau for Development Policy
United Nations Development Programme

Virunga Power 

The project was completed in an organized and effective manner, and the final product was very useful for our company. The team's dedication to come to Kenya and dive into the subject matter by visiting a number of our project sites was important to the team's understanding of the subject matter and the overall project success.Brian Kelly
Founder & Managing Partner
Virunga Power 

Women's Refugee Commission

“[Professor Roy Williams], I haven’t thanked you properly for the very successful student project on data. Dale and I were very pleased with the results and have shared them with a number of people. The students did a very good job. Dale and our director of development also met with the MacArthur Foundation—the program officer there was surprised by what the report showed, and interested in helping. So, you never know, we may even get some funding to take the issue forward.”

Carolyn Makinson
Women’s Refugee Commission

World bank group

"The faculty advisory was outstanding and greatly contributed to an excellent deliverable.  He was instrumental in guiding the team of students and providing them with relevant material and ideas for the team to work on. "

Panos Varangis
Global Lead for Agricultural Finance and Agricultural Insurance, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation