Recent outbursts of targeted violence in New Zealand and the United States have highlighted the significant dangers that exist from the organization of violent ethno-nationalist groups. The United States Department of State Global Engagement Center Capstone team was tasked with conducting a study to examine the online presence of violent ethno-nationalist groups with transnational ties. The study examined the online behavior of violent ethno-nationalist groups in order to identify common terms and narratives, as well as create a map of the online presence and technology ecosystems that support such group activity. Research began by developing a targeted list of white nationalist groups with a presence in the United States. The Capstone team then narrowed the scope by creating a specific series of criteria to help focus their research, which included limiting their search to Neo-Nazi groups that possessed transnational ties, links to violence, and a visible online presence. This allowed the team to focus on their research on two organizations that both met the selection criteria and could be examined in detail during the limited project timeline. Through primary research, augmented by expert interviews and reviews of existing resources, the Capstone team identified a general roadmap for how groups like this may operate online and also catalogue common terms, narratives, and conspiracy theories that demonstrate a lexiconic linkage between these individuals and their ideologies. The final report detailed these findings, and included a set of recommendations to inform US government stakeholders and to support future research in this area.