Cryptocurrencies have had breakout years for adoption and maturity. Total cryptocurrency transaction volume reached $15.8 trillion and the Biden administration has begun to set the direction of national policy. The Capstone team produced a white paper that forecasted U.S. cryptocurrency regulation within the next five years in response to this remarkable growth. This report covered the cryptocurrency environment today and analyzes policy proposals from the government, private sector, and interest groups. The analysis was grounded in principles of security, efficiency, interoperability, and equity. The Capstone team developed a model of “three futures” for cryptocurrency regulation: an innovation-focused private sector approach, a measured public-private partnership approach, and a regulatory government-centric approach. This model aimed to forecast the likely course for U.S. cryptocurrency regulation, offering crucial, strategic recommendations for client consideration. By doing so, private sector companies interested in the industry will find the clarity to invest and innovate.