Amid the climate crises, Peru has found itself in a central position to aid and capitalize on the world’s need for lithium for the energy transition. This Columbia Capstone team has had the privilege to work alongside the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MINEM) as it strives to align its mining industry with the development goals of the nation. The focus of this report was to provide information and suggestions on how Peru can utilize its lithium resources in a way that is environmentally friendly, socially and politically impactful, and economically multiplying.  

The report was based on the importance of Peru's Mining Vision 2030, eight years of consultation with MINEM, and advice from global experts and researchers in the field. In this report, the team hoped to elevate the economic potential hidden within Peru’s lithium resources, as well as the environmental, social, and political risks that may arise in the process.  

 Peru is not the only country in the region which has discovered the new “white gold.” Global agreements, national regulations, and economies will likely begin shifting, and quickly. It is the hope that the information provided will help MINEM capitalize on its resources as soon and efficiently as possible, without unwittingly contributing to environmental, social, or political harm in the local communities that surround future lithium mines.