HACEY Health Initiative (HACEY) is a Lagos-based non-profit organization that focuses on improving the lives of women, girls, and youth in Nigeria through health education, technology, and strategic partnerships. Founded in 2007, HACEY has received acclaim for its success in helping improve the lives of over five million Nigerians. In 2021, HACEY partnered with the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University to explore options for designing Nigeria’s first innovation lab for the health sector. The aim of the lab is to bridge the varying sectors relevant to the Nigerian healthcare system. The team of SIPA students working with HACEY conducted desktop research, key informant interviews, a virtual workshop, and data analysis to determine the best way for a nonprofit organization such as HACEY to launch Nigeria’s first health innovation lab. Through their research the team ultimately advised HACEY to build a hybrid initiative that would be a fusion between a health incubator and a nonprofit health consulting service. In this model the health consulting service would provide funding and learnings that would eventually support the establishment of a health incubation space.