Transnational organized crime networks with origins around the globe are responsible for conducting illegal activities that harm the United Kingdom’s national security interests. It is notoriously difficult to gain intelligence on the inner workings of these networks for a variety of reasons, and that lack of actionable data can hinder efforts to disrupt, deter, and prosecute such activities.  

Through careful research and interviews with subject matter experts across disciplines, the Capstone team created a guide to serve as a centralized repository of the selected organized criminal enterprises. Each network represented herein is sublimated into sixteen (16) distinct data points that can generate a profile of each network’s activities. As a disclaimer, it should be noted that these profiles should be viewed as a “snapshot” of each organization in the spring of 2020. Networks are dynamic, and their profiles will need to be updated as time passes. Over time, it’s possible that these profiles can be viewed more as a network’s “fingerprint.” This can aid in the attribution of activities undertaken by threat actors whose affiliations are unknown, and may even be used for predictive analysis in certain circumstances. This document was specifically formatted to serve as a handy desk reference that compiles months of research into a digestible visual summary. For greater detail, it should be taken in tandem with the supplementary matrix of Transnational Organized Crime groups provided alongside it.