For this Capstone project, the team identified the effects of immigration policies in practice on people on the move from Mexico and Central America, as well as the current needs and potential gaps in services available to them. The scope encompassed the full situation of people on the move throughout Mexico, from the southern border with Guatemala, throughout the country and up to the US border. The team's approach built on the findings of the previous research done in spring 2021 by SIPA students and in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières. The methodology included desk research in focus areas, a bilingual survey for service providers, and interviews with humanitarian staff and relevant migration experts for a more qualitative analysis. The project was strctured in five main subject areas:  

  • Gaps in Service Provision 
  • Legal Aid 
  • People Turned Away 
  • Violence Documentation 
  • Advocacy 

The findings were laid out in the report regarding the above research questions across the broader categories of Migration Trends, Key Challenges, Gaps in Service Provision, and Advocacy. The work addressed the areas in which a deeper dive was suggested in last year’s study, addressing new priorities of MSF, and providing an update on the change over the course of one year. The Capstone team were in close contact with the MSF Mexico team over the course of this project in order to gain insight about the current context, and provide a more comprehensive overview of the multifaceted humanitarian assistance issues happening along Mexico’s borders in the present day.