With the exception of the 2020 Presidential election, the United States has lagged the majority of its peer countries in the developed world when it comes to voter participation. This democratic deficit is a direct result of a highly decentralized election administration system, governed by state-level rules – or restrictions – on the who, where, and how of voting. While state-by-state variation in election laws create some barriers to voting, they also provide ample space for experimentation in novel policies to expand voting. This Universal Voting Toolkit, developed by the Capstone team in consultation with voting rights experts and the client, is a comprehensive report on the state-level policies that can build pathways to maximize voter participation, including same-day registration, automatic registration, Election Holidays, vote-by-mail, and mandatory voting. The Toolkit also recommends policies to reform the administration and security of elections to increase efficiency, build public trust, and decrease partisan influence.  The final report includes: a master list of ideal policies to maximize participation; case studies of each policy in action; and profiles of voting rights experts to contact to learn more about each policy. The client – the Democracy Policy Network – will ultimately publish the full policy toolkit on its website. They will also disseminate it directly to their network of state legislators, staffers, and advocates.