The SIPA workshop team worked with UN-Habitat Jordan to develop a mechanism to increase community participation in public-private partnerships (PPP) across the country. In an effort to increase investment, the Jordanian government passed a new PPP law in 2020 and subsequent regulation, which does not, however, make explicit either the mechanism or the justification for community participation in the development and implementation phases of these projects. The team first conducted a literature review on country background and PPPs generally, as well as comparative case studies of successful community involvement in PPPs around the world. Moreover, the team spent a week in Jordan conducting field work, including visits to two municipalities in addition to extensive interviews and research in the capital Amman. In line with the expectation of generating a legal and scalable community participation framework, the team proposed the following recommendations: include relevant ministries in national planning and execution bodies, empower municipal-level authorities to broker the PPP ecosystem, generate and operationalize community-level data, and formally define community for the purposes of popular inclusion in PPP projects.