The School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) partnered with UNICEF Generation Unlimited (GenU) to support scale and financial sustainability for their flagship initiative, Youth Challenge, in more than 43 countries. The Youth Challenge (YC) is a social entrepreneurship and youth engagement effort aimed at addressing employability, social impact and capacity building of youth around the world with a focus on marginalized communities. For this project, the SIPA Capstone team adopted a human-centered design thinking approach which centered on the needs of youth. The team conducted interviews with diverse stakeholders such as funders, operational partners, UNICEF country offices and past Youth Challenge winners to understand their different needs, incentives and concerns for the YC. In parallel, the team benchmarked similar youth-focused initiatives and challenge grants run by other multilaterals and philanthropic funders to draw learnings for the YC.  The recommendations were  finally consolidated and presented to the GenU team across four key thematic areas: value proposition, outreach, fundraising approaches and long-term institutionalization.