The ability of an organization to meaningfully measure the impact of its business activity is a priority of increasing interest to investors and partners. Impact measurement efforts allow impact investors and practitioners to make better decisions, but can be difficult to apply without universally accepted metrics and tools. This project aims to identify the nature and magnitude of the risk taken by MFX Currency Risk Solutions, and develop an approach to build a more robust model and framework for impact assessment. The proposed approach draws upon insights from a series of ten targeted interviews with key MFX stakeholders, extensive research, and discussions with impact professionals at Columbia University. Part I outlines the background to the project, including the motivation behind it and the ultimate goal of the work. Part II contains a high-level summary of insights gleaned from interviews conducted with MFX stakeholders. Part III details the results of research into impact measurement best practices, including an explanation of the approach the Capstone team took. In Part IV, the Capstone team propose an approach that MFX can take to more robustly measure and report the impact it has. Part V moves from the proposed approach to a quantitative demonstration of the proposed metrics. In Part VI, report recommends future areas of work based upon the team's research.