Urban areas around the world are facing widening gaps between employer demand for labor and supply of skilled workers. The NYC Mayor's Office of Workforce Development is a policy and strategy making body which was established in 2014 to coordinate workforce initiatives that address such gaps in New York City (the "City"). It continues to set priorities and principles for the City's employment and training programs parallel to the needs of local employers. In this respect, the "Cybersecurity Career Pathways for NYC Workforce Development" Capstone, supported by the Mayor's Office of Workforce Development, identified career pathways for underserved and/or underrepresented individuals interested in securing a position in cybersecurity and/or advancing their career in the industry.   The project was established in alignment with the New York Works Job Plan, released in 2016 by Mayor Bill de Blasio, to create 100,000 good-paying jobs in the City over a span of ten years.

The Capstone encompassed qualitative and quantitative research conducted by empirical methods, including student-led interviews with key stakeholders. Research informed the development of a comprehensive cybersecurity career map--a map that identified the core roles, titles, skills, education and training necessary to enter and advance in the industry.  In a complementary report, recommendations were also provided to identify stakeholders, accentuate training partnerships, and highlight campaign strategies that would help develop a robust cybersecurity workforce.  Emphasis was placed on creating a talent pipeline to meet the hiring needs of the City’s cybersecurity industry in the public and private sectors.