Kyusa is a non-profit organization based in Kampala, Uganda. It was founded in 2014 by Noeline Kirabo, on the mission of empowering youth to alleviate the rising unemployment rates plaguing the country. Through the promotion of passion-driven entrepreneurship, the organization targets those that may have the energy and drive, but lack the skills, experience and access to support structures necessary for starting a micro-enterprise. Kyusa’s two main programs, Business Start-Up and Business Accelerator, are designed to impact young entrepreneurs at the micro level by helping them to start and then accelerate small businesses, by increasing productivity, visibility, sales and profits.

The creation of a strong Monitoring and Evaluation system is instrumental to Kyusa, allowing Kyusa to easily track, analyze and visualize the data on the organization’s performance. It would provide Kyusa increased capacity to better attract and recruit candidates, improve programming, expand to areas outside of Kampala, and increase funding opportunities. The Columbia SIPA Capstone team was tasked to understand the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Uganda, surveying best practices in monitoring and evaluation tools for small-scale ventures, and evaluating various data management solutions. The team’s core recommendations included standardizing data collection procedures and digitizing data by utilizing specific technology platforms to readily facilitate analysis. The robust, calculated, user-friendly M&E system designed by the team will allow Kyusa to better capture successes and scale operations to reach greater levels of impact in the entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem of Uganda.