The Risk Analysis and Preparedness Section (RAPS) of the Office of Emergency Programmes (EMOPS) of UNICEF enlisted a SIPA workshop team to create a composite database, quantifying the scope and impact of humanitarian events to inform emergency preparedness. The SIPA team committed to (1) research existing databases, appropriate proxies for humanitarian need, and the current RAPS risk analysis process, (2) compile and collect a subset of the relevant data for a “proof-of-concept,” outlining a method to continually update the database as new humanitarian events occur, and (3) perform preliminary analysis of the proof-of-concept. The SIPA team's report results from a semester of research and biweekly meetings with the client. This report may also be useful to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), which is endeavoring to develop a similar database documenting the impact of natural disasters. Ultimately, the SIPA team hopes that this proof-of-concept database will be fully populated to document all humanitarian crises, starting in the year 2000.