A team of six SIPA students worked on a project with WeRobotics, a not-for-profit organization that’s based in the US and Switzerland and utilizes drones and artificial intelligence to solve social issues. WeRobotics has created a global network of local knowledge hubs, known as FlyingLabs, across Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceania and tasked the SIPA team with designing an appropriate and adaptable monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework that would be used across all FlyingLabs network to measure progress and share learnings. The team first conducted preliminary desk research and in January and March visited two local hubs in Tanzania and Panama where they conducted participatory activities with local staff and interviewed a wide range of stakeholders. The final M&E tool includes a project document form, a stakeholder engagement form and a streamlined M&E framework that’s easily accessible to all through an online platform.