Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt the way society and businesses interact. From crypto-currencies to supply chain management, distributed ledgers can provide a decentralized answer to many of the problems we face today. This Capstone project has worked in collaboration with TechPar Group to assess and quantify this opportunity in a number of different sectors.

In the first section the Capstone team analyzed the dynamics behind distributed ledger technology and the reasoning behind using it to find a solution for some of the main issues faced by society. This included comparing potential competing technologies, standards, and the role of regulation.

The team identified a number of sectors where blockchain technology could have significant disruption potential: Artificial Intelligence and Smart Mobility, Financial Services and Supply Chain Management, and the Energy Sector. In the second stage of this project, the team carried out a deep-dive analysis of these sectors. This required conducting online research, identifying key players, interviewing the main stakeholders, and understanding existing business models and industry trends. The team’s analysis ranged from small start-up firms to well established incumbent companies and even government led consortiums. In the final section of this project, the Capstone team addressed key conclusions. The aim was to help TechPar Group better position themselves and their constituents to take full advantage of the opportunities that the emerging blockchain ecosystem will create.